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Institute of Public Health of Belgrade; Agency for City Building Land and Development
of Belgrade; Environmental Evaluation of the Area of Belgrade Master Plan.

Welcome to Environmental
Atlas of Belgrade which
present a finale product of
Project Environmental
Evaluation of the area of
Belgrade master plan.
Investor: Agency for City Building Land and
Development of Belgrade
Project realization: Institute of Public Health of Belgrade
Project: title: "Environmental Evaluation of the Area of Belgrade
Master Plan"; Vol. b: Spatial Presentation (maps) of
Sectoral analyses "Environmental Atlas of Belgrade",
Belgrade 2002
project manager:
dr. Slobodan Tosovic, md, senior spec.
(toxicology), director of institute
Project coordinator
for agency: 
Zorica Saric, b.sc. eng. (forestry)
Head of the
Project team:
Verica Gburcik, m.sc. (meteorology), spec. in med. met.
IPHB - Project team: dr. Dimitrije Popovic, md, senior spec. (hygiene)
dr. Snezana Matic-Besarabic, md, senior spec. (hygiene)
dr. Miroslav Tanaskovic, md, senior spec. (hygiene)
Bosko Majstorovic, b.sc. eng. (transportation)
Radosav Stojanovic, b.sc. eng. (work environ. protection)
dr. Ljubinka Marcetic, m.sc. med., spec. (social medicine)
dr. Predrag Jelaca, senior spec. (social medicine)
dr. Milan Milutinovic, md, spec. (hygiene)
dr. Dragan Pajic, md
Rajko Agramovic, m.sc. (building)
dr. Marina Mandic, md, spec. (hygiene)
dr. Slavisa Mladenovic, md, spec. (hygiene)
External participants: dr. Bozidar Stojanovic, ph.d. (technology)
prof. dr. Petar Gburcik, d.sc. (meteorology)
dr. Dragan Igrutinovic, ph.d. (hydro-geology)
Mirko Lazic, m.sc. (geology)
Cartography: Nevena Vasiljevic, b.sc. (landscape architecture)
Ivana lazic, b.sc. (spatial planning)
Andreja Tutundzic, b.sc. (landscape architecture)
Print & copy: "Zoran Damnjanovic & sons"
Translation: Vesna dadic Zivojinovic, b.a. (ling.)
Ana Tonic, m.sc. (ling.)
Web Design concept Technology, Predrag Vujovic b.sc. eng.

Copyright Institute of Public Health of Belgrade; Copyright concept Technology